It is essential for the patient’s further wellbeing, quality of life and the length of stay at the rehabilitation center or hospital.
To create the best options for efficient and motivating rehabilitation you need the right equipment to support both the patient and the caregiver. If you create safe and flexible surroundings then you are more likely to succeed with the rehabilitation procedures.
In this picture you can see an example of an exercise you can do with the PTR Robot.
The caregiver is holding up a pen and the patient is reaching out to grab it. Then the patient gives it back to the caregiver to the opposite site and low.
In this exercise the patient is training balance and core with the safety and stability from the robot. This means that you are able to stretch a bit further and push yourself a bit more because you are always supported, creating safe options for patient and caregiver.
You can change the exercise into whatever level is necessary for the individual patient, but always with the safety from the PTR Robot.
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